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I created this forum so that those of us into VAWTS can have a voice. Most forums I have visited basically ignore the VAWT. So Here it is. I am no expert and have only been involved in this for about a year. I hope we get some experts to register and become members so they can answer your questions. We do not represent any business nor have anything to sell. This site is for discussion only. Also no form of harassment or intimidation will be tolerated. If you are deemed a troublemaker or inciteful you will be banned from the forum. Any post deemed not suitable for pure exchange of energy saving related ideas will be removed. We accept no responsibility or liability for posts containing patented or copyrighted information, nor the safety of any mechanical or electrical  information posted on this site. If you build it you are responsible for your own safety.

When posting a reply to a topic TRY to keep to the main topic. Things tend to branch out like a tree and it ends up being a real mish mash that ends up nowhere near the beginning topic
. If your post doesn't fit the topic, open up a new one. Sometimes ADMIN will delete or move replies to a new topic depending on his mood.  :o


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